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Dana Bonstrom here. Author, poet, librettist. Peripatetic paraphrast. Have words, will travel... digitally or otherwise. Virtual pen for hire: no project is too obscure, too oblique, too mundane, too small (or large). References on request. Results on demand.

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Dana Bonstrom has written five libretti in collaboration with the composer Michael Gandolfi: Pinocchio's Adventures in Funland (commissioned by the Elaine Kaufman Cultural Center); The Piper's Tale (commissioned by Boston Music Viva); Gwendolyn Gets Her Wish (commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic); QED: Engaging Richard Feynman (commissioned by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra); and Only Converge: An Exaltation of Place (commissioned by the Grant Park Festival Orchestra and Chorus, premiered in Chicago on June 15, 2012). Dana Bonstrom and Michael Gandolfi are currently working on three additional commissions, including an expansion of the Feynman piece into an oratorio. In addition to his work as a librettist, Dana Bonstrom co-translated and edited the 154 canonical poems of C.P. Cavafy (Harvard University Press, 2007); authored a monograph on archival photographs of Harvard University (Turner Publishing, 2010); and co-authored a title in the Flat Stanley children's book series (HarperCollins, 2008). Dana Bonstrom's novel, Anderssen's Passage, will be published in print, e-book, and audiobook formats by Perdurable Press later this year.

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